Honey Bee Nucs

Posted by Justin (6 items)

If your wanting your bee's relatively early (Between April 20 and May 31 weather depending) in the spring then this is the nuc for you! This is a early spring nuc and comes with 2 frames of bee's, brood, eggs, and larvae, 1 frame of feed, and one laying MB queen (overwintered queen). We have other size options available at jnjhoneyshopandapiary.com

For out of province customers we can meet half way for orders over 25 nucs.

Our nucs are pick up only and require 45% deposit. All of our nucs come in an ez nuc boxes that you can either purchase at the time of pick up or can be returned for a $30.00 deposit. We do not allow other beekeepers equipment on our site. Thank you for your cooperation.

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